1. Decoration

Screen + Spraye Tech’s decorating capabilities are the gateway for our clients to bring their visions and unique ideas to market. Further explained in our CAPABILITIES section, our decorating processes will accent your packages with flair, precision and consistency.


2. Turn-Key Production

This comprehensive service brings simplicity to your production. The one-stop-shopping program streamlines supply chain, shortens development lead times and provides savings based on direct pricing paradigms. Turn-Key provides a value analysis savings on glass and decoration procurement while speeding up your “product to market” timeline.


  • Screen + Spraye Tech will handle all component development encompassing glass and decorations.
  • Glass development and procurement will utilize an appropriate glass manufacturer based on the design and quality parameters required.
  • To ensure quick project turnaround and timing, components are warehoused at the Screen + Spraye Tech facility allowing for easy access to the goods for decoration and/or assembly.
  • Based on forecasts, Screen + Spraye Tech will manage glass productions and inventories monitoring scrap and safety stock quantities to protect against out of stock positions.